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The Women in Governance Parity Certification does not only evaluate parity at the decision-making level of an organization. It also embeds an intersectional lens when assessing the organization’s commitment to the implementation of mechanisms that enable all women, at all levels of its hierarchy, to achieve career advancement, thus creating a pipeline of diverse female talent.

Kathleen Taylor

Chair of the Board,
Royal Bank of Canada

Women in Governance makes a huge contribution to the corporate world. Women and men are the perfect complement to one another. We can be so much more successful in everything we do when we do it together.

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister,

Congratulations to Parity-certified organizations for everything you do to support women’s leadership. Each and every one of you brings important contributions to making gender equality a reality, not only in the business world, but also in our entire society.

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Increasing the Representation of Women in Sectors Where
Helping Organizations Increase
the Representation of all Women in

Sectors where they have been Historically Underrepresented

The Women in Governance Parity Certification is a diagnostic tool that helps organizations assess their current status as it relates to gender parity while accounting for the multiple impacts of diversity in women’s career advancement (intersectionality). It provides an analysis of strengths and opportunities to achieve greater inclusion.

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